Project Overview


ATU Castlebar


Grounds of ATU Castlebar

The building located in the grounds of Atlantic Technological University addresses a proposed roundabout and new access road to the campus.  As such the building acts to become the public face and symbol of the University.

The composition of the building seeks to express the process of construction so that one can structurally read the elevation, i.e. the roof rests on an exposed galvanised beam, which spans between the exposed concrete columns which in turn hold a timber clad box as an object.  The bold vertical rhythm and visual weight of the concrete columns contrast with the finer horizontal lightness of the timber cladding.

The structural grid orders the plan and section with the special form of the board room articulated as a zinc box rotated to address the approach road and to relate to adjoining buildings on campus.

The structure modulates the light entering the building, creating a sculptural play of light and shade, solid and void.  Colours are restrained and materials used in their natural form.